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The FlynnFilms company logo features the famous Flynn crest.
FlynnFilms Productions, which was founded by Christopher Flynn in 2005 in Franklin, MA but officially established in 2011 in Bellingham, MA, was initially started to deliver top-quality independent programming for Public Access in the Franklin area. The company’s main slogan is to ‘deliver inspiring stories on conservative budgets’, by which it means developing films and other kinds of entertainment that impact its audience, and do so without overly big budgets. It’s first official production, a short film version of The Tell-Tale Heart, was first aired on Public Access in Franklin in 2005, and has since gone on to develop a small but enthusiastic fan base, with an accolade to its credit.
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Its next film, a science-fiction short titled Doubles, was the company’s first professional endeavor; it was finished in early 2011 and made its premiere at Cinemaworld in Lincoln, Rhode Island, and can currently be viewed on The company’s aim is to continue on telling stories that entertain its audience and also delve into relevant social issues in a unique way.