March 2010

Hello, folks. Here with the most current update for ďDoublesĒ. What can I tell you?
Quite a bit of necessary decision-making has gone down since the last update. Within the last month Iíd done the 2nd cut of the film, which is fantastic. And a friend of mine whoís working on effects shots for the movie was the first person to see the 2nd cut. Being a video production teacher in Franklin, he had some suggestions for the movie, some of which I did go with, and I watched it again with those changes, and I feel like itís going to be just thatmuch better than it was before. One of the necessary changes involved cutting out extra bits that focus on Hansí breakup with Alicia, just tiny bits that would have beaten people over the head with it. I realized afterward that those bits are not absolutely necessary to keep in there, we do mention it once. So those bits are gone. Iíve also been working on effects shots, which may sound fancy to the un-initiated, but these effects shots are not at all CG effects. They are effects intended to create a world, in some cases cover up mistakes (Iíll get better at fixing those mistakes during production in the future), and just make this film not feel at all like it was made in this area. Locals will recognize certain locations one way or another. Iím really looking forward to seeing how the effects shots that I turned over to Nick Bailey turned out.
At this point, Iíve been working on the theatrical poster and, wait for itÖ.the theatrical trailer, both of which Iím planning on releasing by April. The poster is dependent on pictures that I get from the actors, the trailer is dependent on some microscope pictures that Iíve commissioned through Dean College. So both of these things Iím very excited about finishing up and showing to people starting in April, and Iím planning on actually starting to show the film in August. That may seem like a bit of a gap between the release of the trailer, and the release of the film itself. But quite honestly, I donít care about mainstream standards right now, cause this movie hasnít been done at all mainstream to begin with.
With the slow coming of spring-time weather (and we got several days of sun this past week in March), Iíve been able to start recording necessary sound effects to punch up all the scenes that require sound replacement and make the movie come alive. I was also able to do something that I deem extremely necessary: I purchased a MAC mini, which, upon arrival, will allow me to finish working on the movie at home as opposed to working at the studio, which has been good up until now. But later on down the road, when it comes time to do the sound mix, which will be insanely crucial, then having a quite environment will be pivotal to getting the sound to be as perfect as it needs to be. I couldnít afford to screw this picture over by finishing it up at the studio. So getting this MAC was utterly necessary. Iím looking forward to revealing to people the next big steps for ďDoubles,Ē hopefully coming soon.